No more paper receipts

With the IRIS Digital Receipts App you'll never need a paper receipt ever again. It's so simple, & easy to use.

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IRIS Features

Simple & easy to use. With the IRIS App you will never want a paper receipt ever again

Simple & Eco-friendly

Easy to use and navigate.

Unique Receipt Design

Maintains retailer branding and identification.

Simple format

Just click to see more details.

Payment Type

See how you paid along with the date and time stamp.

The IRIS Intelligent Receipts App

Watch the video. It only takes a min.

Modern, User Friendly Interface

Never lose a receipt ever again. IRIS let's you search by Retailer & Product name as well as filtering by date.

It really is time to say bye bye to paper.


The Benefits

It's more than just a place to store all your receipts. No more bulging wallets, lost receipts and damage to the environment.

One Place

All your receipts are stored securely and only accessible by you.

Multiple Retailers

Our partner network is growing all the time. You'll be able to request a digital receipt with many retailers.


Simple and easy search allows you to find what you're looking for by retailer or product name.


Tag receipts as Business or Personal.


Seamlessly share receipts using all of your favourite social media apps.


Export your business or personal receipts whenever you want.

Money Manager

We can show you where you are spending your money in nice colourful graphs.

Eco Friendly

Go digital and help save the planet. The eco footprint on the IRIS App measures your personal contribution.

How it Works

Request an IRIS digital receipt. Receive a SMS. Install the App. No usernames or passwords. Just simple.


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It's one of the simplest Apps I've ever used. If you're like me, I always end up losing them and can never find the one I want. Well that's not a problem anymore.

Janice Richards
London, UK

I love the mini-receipt format but from time to time i need to see the full receipt and it's all there with a simple click.

Gary Smith
Bristol, UK

This is just amazing! Seeing what I'm contributing to the overall environmental saving by using IRIS receipts makes me feel I'm making a contribution each day.

Katherine Ryan
Manchester, UK

IRIS App Screenshots

Simple & Easy.

Some FAQs

We're here to make sure you get the best possible experience when using our App.

The App will always remain free. This is part of our vision to reduce paper usage and the impact on the environment. Not only that, we don't have in-App purchases so rest assured it truly is free!

You can use the App at all participating retailers who display the IRIS partner logo. Our network of partners is growing all the time so if there isn't a retailer near you, there will be soon. Feel free to message or write to retailers and telling them that they should offer digital receipts.

This is a request we've received from most of our users and it's a feature we will be rolling out in version 2 of the App.

Check the App stores to see the minimum version of supported operating systems.

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Ask our support team

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